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There's one brief quote from an author's note included in the book, but nothing from the novel itself. But once established, YA Twitter outrage-narratives tend to take on a momentum of their own, and that's what happened here—a Twitter search for Jackson's name shows that certain ideas about his book's prima facie insensitivity quickly set in, with many in YA Twitter accusing him of having erred horribly.

While dealing with the hurt my debut has caused and coming up with a plan of action of how to fix the pain I've caused with my words, my site is currently under maintenance.

I'll have an update soon. Thanks for your patience and for those who I hurt with my words, especially the Muslim readers, teens, and community members, I'm sorry. Part of what makes this story so interesting is that Kosoko himself has been on the other side of these online attacks on authors.

Advance reading copies had already been sent out. But an angry and underinformed subset of YA Twitter decided that a racially ambiguous character in Blood Heir was black, or this fictional universe's equivalent of black—the character had "bronze" skin and "aquamarine" eyes—and that therefore certain things that character said and did constituted harmful tropes.

YA Twitter has very conservative norms pertaining to what characters of different ethnicities are allowed to say or do.


All You Need is Kill. These impacts then were characterized as small, moderate, or large on a site-specific basis, using the significance level definitions discussed in Chapters 3 and 4. The Chicago Milwaukee and the St. I Need You Tonight, Vol. Alien: Isolation.

The fact that Zhao is ethnically Chinese, is an immigrant to the U. As Rosenfield wrote in her Vulture article, "Many members of YA Book Twitter have become culture cops, monitoring their peers across multiple platforms for violations. Earlier this month, during the Zhao controversy, Kosoko accused an account named KidLitCon of having retweeted an "attack on"—read: a pointed but civil and informed disagreement with—Elle McKinney, another big-name YA author with a social-justice bent.


Full I-got-sucked-into-this-vortex-too disclosure: On Wednesday, the morning after I started tweeting about the Jackson situation, McKinney tweeted that "History will place Jesse Singal in the same category as Trump, Bannon, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and all the other bigots currently coasting on the media's obsession with humanizing some of the worst meat sacks to ever tumble into existence.

Thanks to pressure from Jackson and others, the "keys" to KidLitCon were taken away from one of its co-owners, a woman of color who authored the tweet questioning McKinney, and full control was given to a white woman with the "correct" stance on the Zhao controversy:.

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Jackson has also been an outspoken proponent of a very narrow conception of who is allowed to write which stories:. The controversy over A Place for Wolves has rippled outward. Most notable, perhaps, was the reaction of Heidi Heilig, another successful YA author. Heilig provided A Place for Wolves with a very favorable blurb, which Jackson had on his website before it entered Maintenance Mode : "An intricate, rich story about two boys fleeing the mounting unrest in Kosovo, caught between the reality and the sublime of love, death, and family during times of war.

Heilig also apologized—and speculated that maybe the offensive material had been inserted after she had provided the positive blurb. Schadenfreude is an easy reaction here: The guy who helped contribute to a stifling climate of plot-policing and paranoia received the same treatment he had doled out to others. But the key takeaway here shouldn't be Nelson Muntzian. It should be the recognition that these online social dynamics will constrain and distort young adult literature in unfortunate ways.

First, they make it harder to evaluate which sorts of writing really might have certain shortcomings, biases, or myopic character renderings. Because so many people reacted so strongly and on the basis of such little information to A Place for Wolves , a huge amount of smoke was created. Maybe there's some actual fire here, but determining that would require a close read of the sort that sociopathic social-media dogpilings rarely afford. Mediterranean Beats 25 Island Tunes , Vol. Holiday Heroes 25 Rhythm Shakers , Vol. Cool Deep Grooves. Beach, Vol. Revision Music.

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