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The aim of the game is drawing as much attention to yourself as possible. Artists have standards so have a busking setup that reflects those standards! First, you have to look the part. Your Station is going to be a reflection of you as a performer. Our humble busking station.

And there we were dressed as bloody hippies with awesome hats — just our regular attire. A story of two travelling musicians on a journey to spread music. And that story made us a lot of friends. Your station is going to be yours to create and it is something you will refine over time as your busking style develops. There are a few key places to get right though:.

This is everything else — your gear. Your busking equipment is going to vary hugely depending on your act but here are a few pointers:.

What is busking?

Check Best Price. Consider this your full-scope busking guide. You shut your dirty mouth, swine! His act? He put on really saucy music and danced an intoxicated, sloppy, erotic dance complete with lamppost grinding and crotch grabbing.

City and town centre spaces

Busking is not about being good. Being given a couple of bucks is just a bonus. This is hardly a complete list but is really just meant to inspire you. Twists on an existing concept are awesome too. I met a man in Queenstown who would have his dog join him in acoustic covers — as in literally join in with him. A singing dog is definitely a winning busking idea.

This is extremely subject to change. In most places in the world, laws for busking and street performances are handled at a local authority level. This means those rules change as frequently as from one town to the next. Your best option is simply to google the area. It is not uncommon, particularly in the West, to need to register to get a busking licence or permit.

Registration is either done online or at some local government-y building and sometimes there will be a fee but usually no more than what can be earned back with an hour of your session. Check to make sure that certain public areas are open to street performers. If information on the local busking laws cannot be outright sourced which is common in countries where busking is a rarity then just go for it.

AMAZING!! 18yr old busker noticed by David Bowies record producer!!!! // STREET SESSIONS

Set up station and do your thing; if someone stops you then just be respectful, apologetic, and stop. BUT and this is a big but be warned that busking can fall into grey area with Tourist Visa restrictions since you are technically earning money. Some countries are chill; some are not — let common sense lead the way.

It always helps to ask the locals for info. Earnings are not a good marker of success, but it can be a good indicator of the quality of your pitch busking spot. I have a story. When I was busking in Arambol Goa I experimented with multiple pitches around town.

Busking in Lincoln

Not only were Indians dropping the most rupees, but they were also taking the time to stop and enjoy the music and speak with me. In my experience, locals and domestic tourists are usually your best audience. International travellers tend to have the mindset of… well… broke backpackers. You never know when the wealthy family will invite the busker over for dinner or the local dealer for the Nigerian mafia is going to drop some cash in your hat.

Let people surprise you. Oh dear, there are so many factors that affect this. Not all pitches are created equal.

Noise nuisance

Busking in the middle of a street: not ideal. Places will subvert expectations. But I have found one relatively consistent type of pitch: supermarkets.

When you park yourself outside a supermarket people will see you on their way in, listen from the queue while they fumble with their wallets , and then see you on their way out. Grocery store parking lots are easy money for buskers. The important thing is to ask for permission from the supermarket.

Generally, though, grocery shoppers are pretty damn chuffed to have their shopping day brightened up. This busking guide is more set up for those starting out. Chances are that means walk-by acts: you set up station, do your thang, and maybe people stop and throw money. There is good money to be made in gathering audiences for circle shows and stoplight performances but they require more than just sweet skills. These types of performances mean you need to work a crowd: engaging people, pulling them into your show, and going around with the hat afterwards.

This is top-level stuff and where busking has really evolved into full-scale professional street performance. Whether you need to purify the water from a hostel sink in Kathmandu or a stream trickle in the Andes, the Geopress has got you covered.

Guide for Buskers in North Norfolk

The truth is that your setlist is going to be your own beast. Its success is going to vary on your tastes, how you arrange your covers, and even where you are in the world. So instead, here are some of the best busking songs for travellers.

What you should do if you are being disturbed by buskers

Play these songs and watch your receptacle overfloweth. I have busked at night a whole twice in my life. I hated it. Night busking changes the game. But, if you know how to work them, they do pay well. Anytime you busk and especially at night you draw attention to yourself. This can, inevitably, draw the attention of assholes.

At some point, security guards will have a go at you.

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Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities. In many countries the rewards are generally in the form of money but other. It is in Korea where I know the word ‘Busking’ in the very first time. I searched for the Korean word in the dictionary then I understand that it means street performance, performing in public places for gratuities or food, drink and gifts may be given. Hongdae, famous for its.

The only productive response as a street performer is to let it go. As hippy-dippy-bo-bippy as it sounds, just be at peace with it. Let busking teach you to be one zen-ass motherfucker. All this is the outlier though and in no way should turn you off busking.