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This figure was taken with an instrument insensitive to near-ground turbulence and so it is comparable to the 0. The experiments to measure the astronomical conditions at the site were unattended, controlled by a computer system that had to supervise the generation of its own electricity using a jet-fuel powered Stirling engine. The computer, running Linux , communicated with the outside world using an Iridium phone.

Living conditions upon Dome C simulate what Astronauts have to go through in long-duration spaceflights.

Obviously the above parameters influence not only physiology but also psychology. These experiments are selected over a variety of tests proposed to ESA by European universities and participation from the rest of the crew is voluntary and highly appreciated. It is important to mention that this research aims not only at improving living conditions for Astronauts in a future human journey to Mars, but the results are also applied directly on society - they help doctors devise therapies for patients suffering from similar difficulties in Europe and elsewhere.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Antarctic base. Dome C. Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

The first camp

Sampling program performed. Tom Tilden Mike Whaley Left : The hole where the propeller went in is visible on the upper side of the body. This was a great starter for them. Newstalk ZB. Yosemite View Lodge. Weak, he was unable to fly it properly and crashed into the dome.

Bibcode : PASP.. Lawrence; Michael C.

Rocket slams into firmament:dome

Bibcode : Natur. Archived from the original PDF on Earth sciences portal Geography portal. Roald Amundsen Richard E. Category Commons Index. The plane was designed to crack, break and rip apart in certain areas.

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In addition a bunch of parts like the engine were created as extra debris. The whole sequence again was a Thinking Particle simulation. We created the effect by slowing the whole timing down.

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Crash Dome [Alex Phillips] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Poetry. Factory Hollow's first full-length book, CRASH DOME is a book-length. Poetry. Factory Hollow's first full-length book, CRASH DOME is a book-length poem by Alex Phillips. "That from the twenty-six letters of our alphabet this book.

This allowed the system to crunch the plane and distribute debris without going crazy at sim time. This very quickly evolved into millions and millions.

A41 closed near Meriden in Watford due to crash

Each butterfly started off as either a simple or high resolution model. I needed the most bang for your render buck when it came to showing a swarm. I had a sitting, walking around, take off, flying, and landing state. These were all driving by a custom Thinking Particles script I wrote.

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My Thinking Particle system consisted of a few artist driven tools. The road is now open.

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The closure caused chaos on the road network this morning. See below for live updates and more up-to-date coverage. A41 in Watford open again after horsebox crash. Sorry, an error occurred. Sign in or register leave a comment or rate a comment. Get involved with the news in your community.