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You can send out a request for a specific intention to have others pray for you, and simultaneously you can see the prayer needs of others. Reflect on enlightening and inspirational passages of scripture coupled with beautiful imagery. You'll instantly feel a sense of peace and calm that washes any apprehensions away just by opening this app from your smartphone. Though the interface on this app is not the most visually appealing of the bunch, you don't want to rule this one out. If you're looking to find healing or to reduce anxiety, find comfort with uberPrayer.

The app helps you form real connections with people around the world who may be going through a similar experience or trauma. You can send out an alert to request special prayers, as well as pray on the behalf of others in the app community. This is the only prayer app from this list you'll have to pay for. It has great reviews on iTunes, although many users express the desire to want to sync up their prayer lists in iCloud.

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Many reviewers considered the app very easy to use for sending out prayer requests and assign days for praying , if that's your goal with finding a new devotional app. As a vinedresser, He expects each branch to bear fruit John He prunes branches that produce little to enable them to grow more John He casts away fruitless branches. Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter. Subscribe to receive our Prayer Letter.

Click Devotional Title to read entire Devotional. Forest Hill, La. It was…. Their disbelief is primarily that God is a figment of ones imagination and is a means by which people seek solace in times of need or by which people try to control others. Therefore they want no part in it.

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On the other hand they feel that in saying humans are sinful and wrong Christians are passing judgement and trying to impose their beliefs on others. We are bigots and we are doing a horrible thing by trying to indoctrinate them and most especially their children. For me to tell them in any way shape or form that they are being sinful and are doing wrong would cause them to feel anger and hatred towards my faith and to detest the fact that I love the Lord with all my heart.

Nina, thanks for the comment and question. First I would just like to encourage you to keep pressing on fighting the good fight. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to stand by your beliefs in such a hostile environment. Remember that God says you are blessed when you are persecuted for His name.

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In fact He says to consider it joy! My advice to you would be to wage a campaign of prayer.

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Prayer is SO powerful! It is usually the first thing we talk about but the last thing we do. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in your family; to convict them of sin and prepare the way for you to share. If your family made it clear that they do not want you to try to persuade them to believe, I think you should respect their wishes and pray that God would soften their hearts.

Yiu cannot do anything to save them. Apart from a work of God in their hearts giving them faith, they will not hear or understand your words.

This is what Paul tels us in 1 Cor Consider fasting in and praying. As you pray for God to work in them, also pray the the Holy Spirit will fill you with the power to live like Jesus. If they see a real change in you, how you react, how you serve, and how you love, they will see your faith as a source of strength, not a crutch to help the weak.

They will know your faith is real when they can see it lived out. Repay evil with kindness.

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Love when you are attacked. You cannot do this in your own power. It will have to be God working through you, this is why it is important to pray for Him to do this work in your heart. Confess your sin. Repent of anything God shows you that needs to change.

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Your focus needs to be on your life. As you do this eventually God wil begin to make headway into their hearts. God can use your life as contrast to theirs and point out their sin. He will guide you and show you when the proper time is to share why there is a change in you. This part takes some discernment so pray for that as well. As a general rule, wait until they ask you what is going on. When you do speak about God be sure do do it from a position of humility, acknowledging your many faults and showing thanks for how much God has saved you from.

There are times when it is appropriate and necessary to point out their sin, but if they are seeing you and Christians as judgmental, then the best approach may be to talk about your sin and what God has saved you from. Paying or not paying taxes has nothing to do with being a religion.

It has absolutely nothing to do with if they are religions or not.

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Results 1 - 16 [DOWNLOAD] February Devotions on Growing in Faith (Monthly Scripture-Based Devotions Book 2) by David James Rae. Book file PDF easily for. February Devotions on Growing in Faith Monthly Scripture Based Devotions Book 2. Otherwise it is like a January Devotions on Our Amazing God Monthly.

Is that what you think? The word religion certainly has many definitions like many words in the English language. I have done this very clearly in my blog above. Do you disagree that Christianity is not a religion by the definition that I gave? No argument there. We agree. However, this is not the common use of the word.

There is much more implied there than that they believe in a god of some kind. Also, people can believe in the existence of a god but not be religious and not belong to any religion. I believe in the existence of my wife. Belief is absolutely necessary in order to have a relationship. This is no different than the fact that I believe in the existence of my wife because I know her. That is not intellectually honest.

Sacred Heart

In it, a Christian is supposed to obey God without question. The fact that we are communicating shows that at some level we ARE having a relationship. I may not be able to see God, but I can and certainly do hear Him and feel Him. My relationship with Him is undeniably real. Since I am the only one who can testify what MY relationship with God like, I think I am in the best position to comment on it.

He is very real.

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You know in your heart they are wrong. And for this reason it is impossible to have knowledge without him. Markus R, are we talking about the same God who created evil, drowned everything on earth but one family, incinerated cities, killed the first born of everything in Egypt, wants to be called Jealous, loves the smell of burning flesh, needs you to cut the end of your dick off, hates mixed fabrics and shell fish, condones slavery and rape and…. But sometimes a choice has to be made. He shall be brought to the door or the doorpost; and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him for life. I also find it interesting that after I show that you contradicted yourself and your religion you completely ignored it. Priests and Levites.

He speaks to me frequently in unmistakable ways. He stirs my heart and my spirit and moves me to want and desire new things that I never thought I would ever desire before. It is only someone who knows God, who has experienced this same thing that can understand this or will believe it. But, once you have, there is no doubting it. My relationship with Jesus is as real to me as any earthly relationship. In so many ways it is deeper. It is one of mutual love. That is what you cannot understand without experiencing it.

The relationship between me and my Savior is not one of slave to master. It is one of close brother to brother. It is one of son to loving Father. I gladly choose to obey because I love Him and I know that He knows what is best. His plan and His way is the best way. It is in my best interest to follow Him because He knows everything all ways and has chosen the best path for me.

Additionally, He is continually at work in my heart changing me. He gives me new desires and I find that I no longer want to go my way. There are certainly times when I disobey and go my own way and not His. However, without fail this turns out to my detriment and to the detriment of those I love. When I repent and turn back to His way He is always there with open arms welcoming me back and helping me want to grow.