'Mysterious radio bursts' in outer space detected by alien-hunting artificial intelligence
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Report Block. Mark Thomas. It seems almost certain that the Oort cloud has been significantly modified over billions of years. In addition to Scholz's star passing by at only 0. Over billions of years there must have a multitude of similar close passes.

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It would not be surprising if much of the Oort cloud was scattered and some of it is missing, but the sun might also have grabbed a few comets from passing stars as well. Exactly what is out there is almost certainly not a uniform sphere of remnant bodies that all originated in our solar system given the likely stellar interaction. Yaahhhh, maybe it left us a 'present' toooo, eh? A gwate biiiig planet slow-w-w-w-ly spiraling in?! Did a little math, it's traveling approx. This is something that has been proposed by others, a brown dwarf and it's planets that meandered too closely to the Sol's influence only to be captured.

What followed was a calamity by any measure and it seems as by what is told by religion and myth it was something humans experienced. Capture seems to relatively common in the cosmos, our odd ball solar system may be evidence of this notion. Most will immediately respond with contempt and disdain as it flies in the face of their own cosmology, but this is perfectly explainable once it is understood that it is not gravity that drives the cosmos but electromagnetism. All one needs to do is follow the physical evidence left by the cataclysm and the written and spoken evidence by ours ancestors.

Feb 18, You're assuming of course there is a "do not enter" sign at about a light year out. A closer approach is necessary but still possible. If Sol's EM had effect on earths orbit then perturbation would be seen ea 11yrs re Sol's reversal.

The observable universe

If Sol's EM had effect on earths orbit then perturbation would be seen ea 11 yrs re Sol's reversal. Your treating the electrodynamics of the solar system like a pair of refrigerator magnetics. Most will immediately respond with contempt and disdain.

Stephen Hawking warns against seeking out aliens in new film

Get the Mach newsletter. We knew, of course, what the Phoenix Nebula was. This happens even if the distance between us and distant objects is increasing more slowly than the speed of light -- the light still has to cover the "extra" distance. SETI enthusiasts believe that the human race is characterized by mediocrity rather than excellence. That is, if the Sun were to suddenly change into a black hole of the same mass, the Earth's orbit wouldn't change. Abiogenesis Allan Hills Biomolecule Biosignature Drake equation Earliest known life forms Earth analog Extraterrestrial life Extraterrestrial sample curation Extremophiles Hypothetical types of biochemistry List of microorganisms tested in outer space Molecules detected in outer space Ocean planet Origin of life Panspermia Planetary protection Search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI Yamato meteorite.

No thanks for your links. The Internet being what it is, if you search long enough, you will find something to support whatever you want to believe. Neither of your links lead to work in which the author shows evidence of critical review. They write stuff they want you to believe, but they don't want to have to defend what they write. Do you ever rely on input from real scientists, or do you simply dismiss them all when they declare things that are counter to your beliefs? Plus there was a previous even about thousand years ago when humans were reduced to something like less than a thousand clinging to life in Cape Town South Africa.

My one geologist friend was part of the exploration team that studied the underwater remains off the coast in caves. Fascinating stuff! Point is - we could be dealing with cycles or with a highway through our solar system Perhaps some of our comets, planets, and asteroids originated from another star? Maybe that explains why Uranus has such a heavy axis tilt and strange thermal properties?

Objects with significantly different isotopic ratios might have origins elsewhere. Like what the heck is Ceres doing in the Asteroid belt? I know a "planet" was predicted to be there anyway, but Ceres is a giant frozen ocean in the middle of a field of nearly iceless rocks. That just seems suspicious. Maybe the Sun blew away all the other Asteroid's ice, but then that would Imply Ceres was somewhat larger in the past.

Did the Star's gravity change tectonic forces? A de-orbited Comet or Asteroid could spend 20, years spiraling inward. Could be no relationship, or could be caused by the encounter. Ice age might have been ended by the encounter if a large outer planet Uranus was added. As indio says, you're attempting to explain complex electrodynamics with rudimentary explanations of simple magnets.

The planets have arrived in their orbits so as to not interfere with their neighbors via their own EM fields. As Alfven once said; "Gravitational systems are the 'ashes' of prior electrical systems. You missed the fact that Uranus is laying on it's side? Or that nearly every planetary body in the solar system shows signs of EDM. Or Venus and it's "inexplicably" searingly hot surface.

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The physicist Stephen Hawking is convinced that intelligent extraterrestrials populate space, a view shared by many scientists. But his ruminations on this prospect have shifted from the aliens’ existence to their deportment. In a film recently released online, Hawking points to. After scientists discovered a radio signal from billions of light years to be much more widely accepted as not just true, but inevitable (Getty).

Then there is Mars with it's planetary sized gash of Valles Marineris and the crust of northern hemisphere which seems to have been excavated several miles deep. Lest we not forget the asteroid belt either. Nope, no "evidence".

A close call of 0.8 light years

Let's say if Uranus was originally a much smaller planet, like 8 Earths, and then got hit by a planet that was ejected from the other Star, which knocked it on it's side of it's axis and added several earth masses. This would cause the outer planet gravity wave effect to "surf" inward slightly and pull the inner planets out slightly Where did Jupiter's insane mass come from and why isn't the mass distribution a little closer to a "normal curve" for planets?

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Maybe not though, Jupiter's axis of rotation is almost exactly perpendicular to the orbital plane, implying it actually hasn't had super-Earth sized impacts. What about Saturn? Then there is the evidence left behind by our ancestors. Some choose to believe our ancestors were delusional morons, incapable of even a basic thought about reality. Although this may be true with some of the posters on these thread, I tend to think of these people were rational thinkers able to discern significant events from everyday ones. A calamity as has been proposed could give rise to the myths and religions which affect people to this very day.

Oh yeah, a Uranus impact of a "several Earth Masses" object from deep space would also cause TNOs to be pulled inward somewhat, explain why the orbits of many objects beyond Neptune become extremely elliptical and orbit on different planes. I know the orbits of objects evolve more slowly the farther they are away from the Sun, because they orbit more slowly. We would expect the orbits of objects above or below the orbital planet of Jupiter to be gradually pulled in line over eons: Pluto, MakeMake, Sedna, Eros, etc. Shoemaker-Levy9 could easily happen every couple centuries. So I wonder how often Jupiter gets hit by a "Planetoid" something bigger than atypical asteroid but not yet called a Dwarf Planet : Maybe a Vesta. How often does Jupiter get hit by a Dwarf Planet? This seems important because it effects the gravitational balance of the solar system, and can effect the climate on the Earth and Mars over time.

The same mega fauna which simple physics shows could not even walked under the influence of gravity due to their underdeveloped bone structure. Roughly a third to about half of Uranus' mass, and it's moons, had to be acquired from an impact with an Super-Earth sized object on a different orbital plane.

We've seen many articles showing that Solar System models usually fail to predict the correct configuration of our solar system, even when they get the number of planets right, the mass distribution is wrong, etc. This is easy to understand when you think about past rogue encounters.

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The reason you can't produce the solar system from an isolated cloud of dust is because the real solar system is not an isolated system, and encounters rogue objects which modify it's gravitational and radiological properties. Some of this can't be easily time-reversed to "post-dict" which stars influenced the SS, because events happened so long ago you can't understand it in specific terms multiple orbits of the galactic disk, etc.

Universe No thanks for your own link, there is nothing rational about it. The geochemists can tell by the shape of the ash and the chemistry of the ash how violently it erupted and they can match ash deposits around the world with that volcanoes pyroclastic flows and caldera rims.

There is no doubt that Toba happened on or just before the rebound in the ice-age. If this star did pass closest to the SS at that time, the relationship seems to strong to be ignored. Maybe that's still too far away to be a big influence directly, but it could have disturbed something in the SS to modify tectonic forces. Remember also that Australian aboriginals have an ancient legend of a giant comet tens of thousands of years ago.

So Hypothesis: Close encounter with Star disturbs earth's crust, either directly or indirectly.

3 Earth-sized planets found 12 light years away

Toba Hot Spot erupts, resetting the ice-age, however a minor orbital disturbance works to counter-act this ice age, and gradually depletes it over the next several ten-thousand years. Taupo erupts, slightlly resetting ice-age again. Somewhere around this time an ancient city in India, nearly three times as old as Jericho and supposedly populated for nearly twice as long, sinks below the sea. And why not, fridge magnets locally sum to nil EM vector very quickly, gravity has no such polarisation hence, despite its lower absolute, has far greater impact.

Collisions are far more likely than EM fields affecting orbits! How is empirical evidence a misconception?

The Year 2012

Does Lorentz force qualify EM field generated from this nebulous current. Evidence trounces an idea esp when physics is proven!

Astronomers Confirm Earth Is Being Bombarded with Ancient, Invisible Energy from Another Galaxy

When cantdrive85 and reset scuff their shoes on a carpet and then touch a doorknob, the resulting static discharge throws them violently against the ceiling. Because, you know, electric currents are stronger than gravity. As has been pointed out by other posters, treating magnetic fields like those of a bar magnet leads to.. Please esplain to me how the electric universe theory evades the Pauli exclusion principle. This says everything, any further discussion is completely futile if you can't understand the difference between complex electrodynamics and static magnetic fields. Nice strawman.