Soldiers of the Night: Green Berets vs. Vampires

Green Berets vs. Navy SEALs
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But I do like to think that I did my share, charged at the windmills of censorship and hypocritical piety. Though I would never let my own kids read such publications. That is where censorship belongs: in the hands of parents.

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HN : While many Vietnam vets tried hard to push their memories away, you captured yours in graphic detail—very graphic detail, in fact. What drove you to do that? Click for larger image. Full page appears at end of article. Courtesy Don Lomax. DL : Maybe if I had some of the horrific experiences that some of the line troops had—those who were in the thick of battle and experienced lost buddies and suffered first hand—I would have thought differently. Most of the time I slept on a cot and had warm meals and counted the days.

What do they say about Vietnam Journal? My sons were both in the Army prior to Vietnam Journal.

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No war, no rumors of war. Bryan, my oldest, wanted to go in the military. I figured, Why not—he would do a three-year hitch and come out, get some of that good government-sponsored education and go on with his life. John, my second son, two years after his brother joined, followed in his footsteps. He later applied and was accepted to the Rangers. Later still, he applied and was accepted to Special Forces school and earned his Green Beret. He has been to Afghanistan twice and Iraq once and will be going back to Afghanistan again in the spring as a dog handler.

He has 22 years in. HN : Vietnam Journal has had three publishers since its debut in November Mike, an advocate of the military and somewhat of a historian, asked if I wanted to do a regular comic about the war, and I jumped at the challenge. America was still wrestling with the whys and wherefores, trying to make sense of it all. The series did pretty good for a small-press, bargain-bin, no-name company. Really, all but High Shining Brass were simply continuations of the original Vietnam Journal , only under different titles. Two collections of the original work, Indian Country and The Iron Triangle , were published in graphic-novel form before Apple succumbed to the collapse in the comic market in I went on to other things and thought that it was over for Vietnam Journal.

Portion of a Vietnam Journal cover.

Then in , Byron Preiss initiated the start-up of a new publishing house, I-Books, and approached me to reissue Vietnam Journal and Desert Storm Journal in graphic-novel form again. The book garnered a Harvey Award Nomination, but after one issue of Vietnam Journal and the complete book of Desert Storm Journal were out, Byron was tragically killed in an automobile accident and the I-book imprint went under, culminating in bankruptcy.

Their bites are similar in strength and sharpness to alligators and can unhinge like a snake, increasing the size of their bite. The mouth of a vampire has evolved from the traditional two fangs that simply cause the victim to bleed, to the modern vampire with all their teeth sharpened and able to bite through bone. Their claws are hard as steel, making them able to instantly kill a human with their strength.

They do feel fear, but due to their predatory lifestyle and mentality they are rarely scared. They do feel pain but their superhuman strength and powerful heart makes them resistant to it.

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One man was still alive but his arms lay yards away from him on either side of the trench. I loved his music, and his bravery and patriotism, but this expands that respect and admiration. He was sired around 60 years ago by his wife, Coraline, on his wedding day, which is one Hell of a way of consummating a marriage. Navy has many different physical requirements necessary to join its elite task force. It primarily handles small-unit maritime military operations that begin and return to a source of water. Casca and Dr. The "Blue Falcon figure" from Joy Toy is part of its "hardcore coldplay" series , which features futuristic-looking Marines, soldiers, and CIA assassins.

Like zombies with the zombie virus, they can turn normal people into other vampires who they would mentally control as a 'head vampire'. It could be possible that a vampire can turn normal humans into vampires by letting the human ingest the vampire's blood. In recent years, vampires like the zombie virus , have its own unique virus. However modern vampires can decide if someone they killed can turn into a vampire, normally with some kind of blood ritual.

Sometimes the idea of turning other people into vampires is abandoned completely, especially since the bodies would be so mutilated that even as a vampire they couldn't survive. Although violent towards humans, they are actually very social to other vampires and would help their friends in need like normal humans would.

Sometimes the 'head vampire' is chosen by the clan instead of being the superior vampire and becomes the main strategist and leader for the vampires. But against other species and their enemies, vampires will show no mercy. Vampires also can rake their claws on a wall or wall-like structure to sense the sounds of their prey. The only serious weakness other than their head and heart is that Vampires are weak towards sunlight.

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Most modern vampires can survive a few seconds of direct exposure but can easily die in less than half a minute some depictions will have them turn to dust or have their skin burned black. Because of this weakness to sunlight, all vampires would sleep during the day, normally in an abandoned building or coffin.

They can still operate normally during the daytime as long as they are shaded from the sun. Some modern vampires have avoided the sun by shading themselves with dark clothing, a large hat and an umbrella. If away from civilization, a vampire would normally survive in shady locations like shady forests or near caves where they would sleep from the sun. But as long as they are not exposed to the sun, Vampires should survive in most environments.

It is possible for vampires to live off of animals in the wild just like a predator would. Some vampires like living in depressing, Gothic or 'evil' locations like graveyards and avoid holy places like churches. In 30 Days of Night, the vampires live in Alaska because of the prolonged nights caused by its location near the north pole, allowing the vampire to be fully active for 30 days without worrying about the sunrise. Other traditional vampire weaknesses most not seen in modern vampires anymore include holy water, garlic, crucifix and traveling over running water.

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Vampires normally can live forever if not murdered or affected by magic or any of their weaknesses. Vampires have survived many plagues of the past, so it is believed that they are naturally resistant to disease, though there's a debate over if they would be affected by the abnormal zombie virus. The battle begins at night inside an abandoned warehouse, where zombies are searching for a food source. Somewhere inside the warehouse, 3 vampires rise from their resting coffins ready to feast.

The lead vampire communicates to his subordinates in hisses and growls, ordering them to split up. In a hallway, the male subordinate vampire rakes his claws on a wall.

He uses his heightened senses to sniff out his prey and dashes down a corridor, jumping up a railed stairway until he comes to a wooden door. He puts his ear up next to the door listening for any commotion. He is soon greeted by a zombie which smashes through the door.

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As the zombies begin to pour through the doorway, the vampire puts his claws to work, slashing and swiping 2 zombies who come through the door. He soon is overwhelmed and runs back to the corridor where the rest of the zombies have begun to come through the other exits, blocking all paths of escape. He goes to work again, using his claws to take down every zombie before being completely engulfed by the zombie horde. The zombies grab and begin to hold down the fatigued vampire as he calls for help.

The female vampire and the lead vampire answer the male's cries, but are too late to help their brother, and look on in horror as the zombies hold him down and disembowel him. The lead vampire hisses to the female and they take off down a hallway with a door.

As the lead opens the door, they are greeted by another horde of zombies. He bites the first zombie in the doorway in the top of the skull and shuts the door, holding it down along with the female vampire.

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The both of them take off down the way they came as the horde smashes through the door and shambles on through. The vampire duo soon arrives back to where the first horde came in and both begin to take out zombies at a fast pace. Eventually, the female vampire is attacked from behind as a zombie bites through her neck, breaking her jugular vein. The vampiress throws the offending zombie at the wall and stomps another one dead before dying of blood loss herself.