The Heretic (Gus Deacon)

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This has been recommended by Jesus himself. Imagine: several bishops sitting on St.

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Peter Square with nothing but water bottles and vitamins. Oh, say, for about a week? Calling on the HF to comment on the Dubia of the 4 Cardinals?

If the silence still persists then a bigger number of theologians might take over such a vigil. Something drastic needs to be done.

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Agree Anonymous! Something needs to be done, and to me, the so far wimpy push back, is itself scandalous. Agree with the notion that Benedict XVI sees a problem and feels compelled to raise his hand and speak to it.

Fathers of the Post-Nicene Era

I don't see how you can fault him for speaking truth as he and many - including myself see it. As for unity - we should obviously pray for it but, it seems that such prayers are originating only from the right. The Left is either blind to the situation, is apathetic to the situation or, wants to encourage the situation. At the end, what kind of unity are we praying for - Catholic and protestant or, Catholic which almost seems unattainable at this juncture.

Who in operates this kind of a system built on fear and using emotional weakness of members. Sounds really evil to me.

Playing with minds and emotions to gain power control over people. Sick beyond words and allowed to happen in the name of the catholic church.


The persecution song Telltale signs of possession Little Miss Demeanour in the demons bed Gasps she just could not suppress After lights-out midst the dead And a past on which sin cast its darts of wickedness Time was running faster for disaster Strange nights were burning In the furnace of her dreams A name was uttered, Lilith Mistress, playmate, master Such sights were stolen in the throes of ecstasy And in the thick of all In the Black Goddess's thrall With the wood unseen for trees Victoria stood tall Promiscuous in step The Devil breathing down her neck As jealous zealots stitched apiece The persecution song Telltale signs of obsession No wailing banshee would dishonour their name Nuns dragged her to the blasted oak Storm-clouds threatened holy smoke They hanged her there like Judas With the Hellcat in her reined Time was running faster for disaster Exorcism, torture, gallows Now a shallow grave A name was stuttered, Isaac Tongue-tied, simple, bastard They made him dig the pit Mindless of what it claimed.

Pictures were taken of Guam people homeless showing how poverty increased on Guam and yet Archbishop did nothing for the poor. In fact used money intended for poor people for rms and self. The poor lay on the streets homeless and Apuron gives a multi million property to a cult. Francis knows and soon so will the world.

Diana admitted that neo things are like Hollywoodian movies. But when someone told you to go see a great movie, but won't reveal anything about it, and simply said, "You just have to see it. It's really good. That is how the Catechesis works. Just look at their strange practices.

They turn church life into episodes of a never ending Hollywoodian soap opera. They stole their immersion baptism from the Protestant Baptists. They turn it into a spectacle by holding the little naked baby high up like a puppy in triumphant procession. These kids will watch these videos as adults one day. They will ask what the hell their parents were doing at their baptism. The same goes with their open space Hollywoodian confessionals when anyone can hear the ugly sins of all others.

It is just show, a spectacle to attract the weak and feeble minded. They tie them up into an addictive submission of their silly Hollywoodian ideology. Just look at their - monitions - echo-reflections - guitar performances - kissing sessions - insane dancing, etc.

These are just another Hollywoodian tricks to entice the naive. These poor folks enjoy their "mass" because they are allowed to behave like Hollywoodian actors and actresses.

Fathers of the Church Series (127 vols.)

They are allowed to disrupt the Sunday service. But these performances inserted into sacred liturgy corrupt their sense of right and wrong and their adherence to decent doctrines. Then they become mindless Hollywoodian puppets of the cult. More neo funsies from Diana's blog: Antoine Tajalle January 22, at AM I am guessing that this is why you find it hard to believe in modern day angels and prophets.

When an anonymous person pays your power bill? What do you call this person? When someone has all the right words and seems to make sense of all that is happening to you?

Deacon - Manipulated Mindstate - 1999

An Angel? A prophet? Of course not in the exact context of the bible, but to do so in terms of modern day experience, would not go against catholic theology. This is devious and heretic. How far these suspect theological innovations will go on? How much more indecency until it is enough?

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Gus Deacon was once a company man. It didn't work out. Between the lies, the double-dealing and the collapse of the Soviet Bloc, the CIA just didn't feel like. The Heretic book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Gus Deacon was once a company man. It didn't work out. Between the lies.

Looks like neos encourage free improvisation about church teaching. Typical liberal tactics. Once this genie is out of the bottle Catholicism as we know it is over.

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Good job in exposing his cult. Thanks, Antoine. Diana's real name, or at least the Diana that wrote this comment, is Sue. Or did she lie about that too? And that's another thing I know about neos, they seldom ever tell the truth. From aaa, VG, on down. They create ideas in how they would like things to go and brainwash the other members.