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So the studio panicked, and had 45 minutes of the movie excised. They removed an entire and I think important subplot and totally undermined the film. I figured this four-disk version of the movie would vindicate him, or completely cement his reputation as a egotistical creator of bloated, overwrought movies. I gotta say, the directors cut totally vindicates him.

This movie was truly spectacular. Its got an brilliant cast that deliver some wonderful performances. Its got a smart, savy, socially relevant and at least semi-historically accurate script. Its got battle scenes that rival the Lord of the Rings.

Its got everything a movie should have. And unlike SOME 2. It chronicles the Siege of Jerusalem. It stars Orlando Bloom in the best performance of his career not saying much, I know. And pay attention or you might not recognize them but its got Jeremy Irons and Edward Norton turning in some very spiffy performances. Damn good stuff. Required viewing for any film buff, and a perfect example that, despite their efforts to the contrary, good movies can occasionally emerge from the bloated Hollywood studio system.

On a completely different note, all you Borderlands customers seem to be eating up the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki, so we are slowly expanding our line of feature length anime titles. D, Ghost in the Shell, and a host of others. Until next time.. Please contact the group leader, Christopher Rodriguez, at cobalt earthlink. Please contact Jude at jfeldman borderlands-books.

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Her epic Deverry series has won her millions of fans around the world. A native of Ohio, she has lived in the Bay Area since time began, back in the s. Lupoff is a prolific author -- in addition to his two dozen novels and more than 40 short stories, he has also edited many anthologies and the award-winning fanzine XERO. At this event, Mr. Lupoff will read several short stories, present the video of his story " PM", answer questions, sign books and generally be convivial.

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Please join us to meet a science fiction scholar and legend! The theme for July 18th is "Genre Benders". He lives in Albany, CA. From Salon. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and son.


Sunday, August 6th at pm: Peter S. He has also written screenplays and nonfiction, as well as being a talented folksinger. From the publisher's website: "A sequel to the beloved Last Unicorn is the jumping-off point for this fresh collection of short stories from a master fantasist. In these long-awaited, powerful new tales, reincarnated lovers and waning kings rub shoulders with heroic waifs. Schmendrick the magician returns to adventure, as does the ghost of an off-Broadway actor and a dream-stealing shapeshifter.

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Gordon, the delightfully charming "self-made cat" appears for the first time in print, taking his place alongside Stuart Little as a new favorite of the young at heart. These wide ranging, beautifully told stories contain sly humor and resounding depth. This is a collection to charm the many fans of literary fantasy. Stripped of his manhood, he can neither fight for his rightful place, nor sire heirs to overthrow the kingdom's tyrranical new ruler.

Forces beyond Kattanan are merging to alter his destiny and push him toward his birthright--with the aid of a disgraced prince, a mysterious wizard, a powerful magic-breaker, a fiancee he doesn't want, and the man who loves her. Electronic skin — a membrane woven out of nanoscopic semiconducting threads — makes it possible for anybody to digitally 'philm' himself or herself to look like someone else.

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This is done by downloading images from movies, video games, or any other digitized media. It's a world where people can be anyone they want to be, where they pray that the change is more than skin deep, where they philm themselves to be part of a certain 'cast,' and where appearance says as much about who they are as what they are. Jack was transformed a century ago by his stepfather and he himself turned his lover Claude into a creature of the night. From New York to Paris to Las Vegas they roam the nightclubs and streets, prowling for the men who will satisfy their desires and their hunger, and creating legions of followers who worship them -- even beyond the grave.

I am very concerned because of the tsunami of false ideas from the enemy in the churches. At the same time, unfortunately, I see a lot of younger people who don't even recognize anymore that something is wrong. You can also view this DVD online here. This is both an incredible source of hope for Christians who are downtrodden, and a source of escalating heresy in many churches. This is called eisegesis or plugging your own ideas into the Scriptures instead of exegesis, gaining understanding and interpretation of the Bible by studying it in context and in the scope of the whole written Word.

He did this to support his thesis, which actually contradicts the second part of that verse, where it states that man cannot fathom what God has done. But as I further investigated this verse I found that Richardson even ignored the true meaning of the FIRST half of the verse in favor of a few translations that use the phrase "eternity in their hearts". Jeremiah And yet for all this her treacherous sister Judah hath not turned unto me with her whole heart, but feignedly, saith the LORD. Because Israel had prostituted herself with false gods in worshipping the polytheistic gods that started at Babel, God had declared He was divorcing Israel and would send them into exile until they again returned to the true God.

But Judah prided itself in doing what God had commended as they had Jerusalem and the Temple. They disdained Israel for setting up altars to Baal and Asherah poles on high hills. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God. There are many false teachers on TV these days who peddle the word of God for profit.

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The Lost Oracle (A Jeremy Bennett story Book 1) - Kindle edition by Paul Stanton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Lost Oracle (A Jeremy Bennett story Book 1) file PDF Book only if.

They make promises of healing that do not come true by claiming if they are given a financial gift the person will receive healing and riches. When what they promised does not happen the person is blamed that they did not have enough faith. This often destroys the faith of people who fall into the traps of these snake oil salesmen.

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I have no problem with people charging for their materials if they cost to be produced, even though it is hoped that when a person cannot afford to pay for books and DVDs they will receive them free of charge. But the charges levied on people for conferences and speaking engagements is often excessive. A minister of God can ask for support and deserves it if they are being diligent in their study and proclamation of the Word. But experiences and feelings often come with a price today and that is not right. Today we often hear the word "mistake" coming from pulpits, and especially in defense of false teaching and false prophesy.

He just made some mistakes". So is it proper to substitute the word "mistake" for the word "sin"? We'll look at the problem of one word "mistakenly" being used for the other. I am sorry to say this but Bethel is clearly a cult of Christianity holding to most of the teachings of the Latter Rain and Word of Faith. They have demonstrated repeatedly a manipulative atmosphere targeting young people in particular while preaching rank heresy.

This new film is a continuation of those false teachings and practices. I pray for the young people in that church that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and thus come to know the true Holy Spirit.

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This addendum features a number of false teachings of Bethel Church in Redding, CA that I was not able to include in the 3-Part series. Get the whole thing! It is very important to see what has become the "new" Christianity. The world system has always been a "top down" structure, starting at the apex of the pyramid and going down to the bottom. In kingdoms we have the king at the top, then the princes, common people, slaves.

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In a democracy we have the President at the top, the VP, the Sec. In business we have the CEO at the top, upper management, lower management, office workers and the janitors. Unfortunately, sometime in the third century, the church started to have a top down structure. This is also when the church began to be in error.

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The church of Rome began to have a "top down" structure that started with the pope, then cardinals, then bishops, then priests, then the people. Well, what about that?

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But the problem is that people have not seen an important fact about these gifts of the Spirit -- man looks at function and title, God looks at aim and goal! Read on. These are not gifts given for title or to give people job descriptions. They are given because there are people out there who need our help!