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10 BEST FEMALE Superheroes Of All Time

Harap Alb is one of those. He handles the sword and dagger very well and was trained at the castle since his young age.

A supernatural monster threatens Hungarian citizens. Who can stop him? He even has self-crafted weaponry and his version of a bat-mobile!

The 25 Best Onscreen Female Superheroes

So, after saving an empire, does he use his powers to fight injustice? Saves another empire? Searches for another adventure? No, he withdraws to his ancestral home.

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Super Hrvoje was magically transformed into a stone-man by accident. Through some ancient magic, whenever the blood of innocents is spilled on an ancient Croatian rocky ground, Super Hrvoje transforms into a stone man, making him almost invulnerable.

He can then shoot stones from his hands at supersonic speed and merge with rocks or dive into a rocky ground like into a river. Super Hrvoje was created with an intention to be a Croatian version of Captain America, during the Croatian war for idenpendence from Yugoslavia. Stronger than mother in law.

Yes, it is SuperSerb! However, the character SuperSerb did not really exist as a comics strip as such, it was rather a joke.

Top 10 female superheroes Marvel sexiest then and now Hot 2019

Before becoming Bosman, the Bosnian superhero was a boy called Mears Mirsad and he was the son of a general of the Yugoslav army. But when the war began Mears gained superpowers and became Bosman, the fighter for justice.

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This time, he may fight peacefully in the team composed of all Balkan superheroes…. This eagle-man fights, of course, for justice and, used to fight in the past, of course, against the Serbs. The theme of the first comic book and its sequel, is the fight against the drug mafia. But no one knew his true identity. Beyond merely irritating the authorities with the farce, the gesture raised the question of the relationship between power, art and history. And if, long before Marvel and its Spiderman, Batman and other Superman, the oldest European superhero were actually greek?

Greek mythology may have brought us the first superheroes of all time… And the most famous of all the Greek heroes was without doubt Herakles. He was the son of Zeus, who was the king of the gods, and Alkmene, a mortal woman.

In Roman and later times, Herakles was known as Hercules. He had superhuman strength—he was strong enough to carry two building columns! He was known for fighting ferocious animals and monsters. When a terrible earthquake happened, she went to the disaster scene to help. Falling into a hole opened because of the earth-quake, she found the artifacts hidden by the wizard Merlin after the defeat of Sultan Suleiman the Great by a demon called Etrigan ages ago.

She carries the Eternity Book of the wizard Merlin, which helps her to cast magical spells, but she has not mastered the use of it yet. She also wields the mystical scimitar of the Sultan Suleiman the Great. These artifacts have given her great strength, stamina, fighting powers and ability to fly. He now fights for the usual superhero causes: truth and justice.

Truth can mean busting the many myths about the EU, or teasing and provoking the powerful to keep them honest. Justice can mean standing up for consumers against powerful corporations, or stimulating police cooperation to fight serious and organized crime. European Superheroes.

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Shamrock Make room for the Irish superhero: Shamrock! Gutsman Gutsma and Gutspa were once a young married couple who were told by the doctor that they were infertile. Captain Austria Captain Austria is not a parody.

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Czech Republic — Slovakia. Latvian superhero Well, Latvia has unfortunately no superhero. Super Hrvoje Super Hrvoje was magically transformed into a stone-man by accident. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal" was the best-selling graphic novel in October She's still chasing criminals in The original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, returned to web-slinging with a brand-new ongoing series in October She was a hit then, and she's still in digital print as of May In early , Marvel announced the A-Force, an all-female hero lineup.

Since then, She-Hulk and Co.


The A-Force storyline re-upped the tour of duty for classic super-heroines, but also introduced a new face: Singularity. Creator G. Willow Wilson described her as more of a cosmic event than a person, a pocket universe that chose to manifest in a human woman shape. Marvel's Silk character has got clout, literally. She's a master at hand-to-hand combat, and she also has Spider-Man-like abilities. No wonder she still has her own title via Marvel Unlimited. Peter Parker's flame is living her own web-slinging adventures in an alternate universe.

Her standalone title launched in February Batwoman has gone through many iterations, including a recent Vargas-inspired crime fighter in a comic series co-starring an equally retro Wonder Woman and Supergirl. In a world filled with caped crusaders and psychotic antiheroes, the four women at the center of Image Comics' Rat Queens scratch a very neglected itch: that of fantasy geek girls.

Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. Super heroines There's never been a better time to be a female crime-fighter. But those aren't the only female fighters of evil we've been celebrating lately Published: April 1, Caption: Leslie Gornstein. Gamora Space assassin Gamora, embodied on the right by Zoe Saldana in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," returned to big screens in Need more Gamora?