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Treasure Hunt
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This article is about the Taiwanese film.

For someone who searches for treasure, see Treasure hunter. Official poster for The Treasure Hunter. Retrieved Muse Magazine 36 : Films directed by Kevin Chu. Categories : films Mandarin-language films s action films s martial arts films s adventure films Films directed by Kevin Chu Funimation Taiwanese action films Taiwanese martial arts films Taiwanese film stubs.

When we turned around for a minute they had a Treasure Hunt. That was so damn nasty I almost chuckked, but they scored bonus points for diarrhea.

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Treasurehunt : Usually a game similar to escape room that requires mental, physical, and endurance skills. Players must solve riddles and overcome obstacles in order to find the treasure. You just got accepted to play our second treasurehunt. Treasure Hunt unknown.

Treasure hunting is where you are having sex in the dark, It's pitch black , you can't see your partner, so you rub your dick around her body looking for her vagina like a pirate hunting for booty. For further pleasure, execute an Angry Pirate after you find and dig for the treasure. This is also the location of a Legendary Wolf , so tread cautiously in this area.

Head to the west end of the springs area, where you'll find a small circle of unique rock formations. To get there, head directly north into the hills from Emerald Ranch. You'll find the gang's treasure - two gold bars - under a rock on the small rocky island in the middle of the lake. The High Stakes treasure can be started either during a random encounter out in the world, or later by purchasing a map from a fence if the player has missed the random encounter enough times.

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To find the first of the High Stakes treasure maps , you'll need to keep an eye out for an older treasure hunter. He won't willingly give up his map, so you'll need to either rob him at gunpoint, kill or hogtie and then loot him, or just run into him hard enough to make him drop the map. We've had the best luck spotting him at the top of a large rock to the north-east of Riggs Station, though he can also appear in various locations between Strawberry and Valentine.

Treasure Hunter Discovers the Finds of a Lifetime!! - Metal Detecting Adventure

Once you've collected the map, you'll find the first treasure stash at Cumberland Falls, west of Valentine. Approach the base of the falls from the west, then swim across to the rocks on the south side of the falls. You'll find a fallen tree allows you to get up to the side of the waterfall - climb up behind the falls to collect the stash and the next map.

The second map will lead you north, into the Grizzlies West. Head down onto the frozen lake and look for a tree bridging the ice-coated island and the rocky banks of the lagoon.

Ride along the path leading east around the front of the fort, then veer off to ride up the hill on the backside of the large rock face. At the top you'll find a path leading down between the two peaks of the rock. Follow it down to the cliffside below and turn left.

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Follow the ledge and then continue up the thin ramp that rises ahead of you, crouching to make your way around the corner. There's a slight drop ahead of you - jump down, then turn around and drop to the next ledge down. Jump across to the next ledge and crouch under the low overhang - you'll find three gold bars stashed in the rocks at the end of the overhang.

The Poisonous Trail is a unique set of treasure maps in that you cannot buy the starter map anywhere, nor will anyone tell you about it. Instead, you will have to stumble upon it in the wilderness, and the following maps will take you all across the lands in Read Dead 2. To locate the first map, head up to the West Grizzles where Chapter 1 of the game took place, and head southeast from the town of Colter you were holed up in to the small Cairn Lake.

Enter the Cairn Lake Lodge, and look under the bed for a lockbox you can loot - which will contain the Poisonous Trail Map 1.

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